Paulson Stained Glass ART Studio ~ 1-800-594-9228
67 Ridge Road ~ Upton, MA 01568 / USA
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Restoration of Antique Lamps and Stained Glass Windows
We repair Antique Lamps, replace flat and Bent Panels matching the glass as close as possible, install and resolder joints, clips, & caps. We need at least 1 curved panel (broken is OK) to make a mold for the bending of the Panel in the Kiln.  You can double box & ship either the sole panel (if you can install yourself) or the whole lamp for us to repair. Metal work on the lamp repair is extra. Single bend panels are $35.00, double bend panels are $40.00, triple bend panels are $50.00. Multiple panels of the same lamp are discounted.   You can email us for a price quote with a picture of your lamp or Stained Glass & description of work needed.  Email us at:
Over the last 40 years, Ken Paulson has worked for many Antique Dealers, Glass Lamp Stores, & Auction Galleries restoring both Leaded and Copper Foiled Stained Glass Windows & Lamps. References are available upon request. He can also remake broken painted Name Plates, figures, and etched glass. See some of Ken's restorations below.
  Call us at: 1-508-529-6950 or call/text at : 1-508-330-6732 or 1-508-377-8675
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